Problem based learning

Tell people what to do and they forget; show them what to do and they remember; let them actually do it themselves and finally, they understand – Confusius

Our core business is investigator training and in order to professionally develop ourselves we study and deliver the pedagogy (teaching method) of engaged learning. We firmly believe there is no point having the best product in the world to tell you about if you are bored and not taking it in. Therefore our facilitators must not only possess a deep understanding of the topics but also the skill to make the student the centre of the learning. That is why you will be engaged through problem based learning, case based study, immersed simulations, peer observation, demonstrations and timely feedback. We will convey knowledge but promise not to talk in front of power points for hours on end. The feature of our training is interaction, often noisy debate and hands on participation. At times you will feel that you are immersed in the field and certainly part of the training instead of apart from it.