1. Investigation

This course is for investigators already in the field and has been designed to meet training gaps for those wanting contemporary training or who wish to build skills and knowledge post the Certificate IV in Government Investigation.

It delivers best practice investigator techniques through topics identified from stakeholders as most relevant to work place investigators, whilst still catering for every student’s particular environment. This means the learning outcomes remain the same however the method used to achieve them through practical exercises, demonstrations and student centred learning is customised depending on the cohort. This flexibility can be discussed pre-course so our learning activities fit your needs.

All organisations aim to build an ethical, healthy culture. It is a risk mitigation strategy that reflects branding and effects reputation. This thinking forms the foundation on which our teaching is built. As well as the knowledge and skills as outlined in this document we also promote attributes that include reasoning, critical analyses, problem solving and decision making. These are thinking skills that are transferable across a range of activities and interactions which we promote by developing the investigative mind.

What is the benefit?

Every investigation should be undertaken with the view that the whole process could be examined by an authoritative body. We aim to reduce the miscarriage of justice by promoting ethical fair decision making in line with legislation, policy, procedure and best practice. This course is professional development for you and your staff which will build the individual’s capability and therefore the organisations capacity to achieve high standard forensic investigations.

Business Outcomes - this course will:

  • Build confidence in the investigator
  • Enhance skills and knowledge
  • Ensure investigator best practice
  • Reduce management intervention due to capability building of staff
  • Increase job satisfaction resulting in higher staff retention
  • Equip investigators with skills that have practical application
  • Enhance the reputation and service delivery of your organisation
  • Mitigate the risk of legal costs.