4. Communications

Whether it is front line adaptive communications, conflict management, rapport building or problem solving, we have something for you. Your people on the front line or in the field can benefit from this training as it runs you through a number of scenarios that help you defuse situations and move on.

Customer service personnel are sometimes expected to bare the brunt of customer dissatisfaction and frustration. Often these customers have other issues causing them to react inappropriately. We teach how to defuse these situations with the appropriate language along with the required safety principles.

Members out in the field are often making decisions that will have big impacts of others. We recognise that there are particular skills in defusing anger, managing conflict and resetting the agenda so we all go home safely. We will explore these skills and visit setting the right environment in the first place. Building rapport and being professional in all dialog with customers, witnesses or persons of interest is an important step in an official contact or investigation.