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Whilst we support VET and acknowledge its value in training, we do not offer nationally recognised training. We specialise in customised training to meet identified training gaps in areas that generic packages cannot accommodate. Our training will compliment earlier training and focus on improving your skills right now. We will work with you to deliver the training that you want, when you want it. Generally our courses speak to accredited training. We issue our own Certificate of Attainment upon completion of each course.

All of our trainers have a solid background in investigation and interviewing through law enforcement over many years. Many of our trainers have specific skills and experience investigating areas such as child exploitation, homicide, sexual offences, fraud, racing and major crime, to name just a few. We have also been involved in redeveloping and delivering the Detective Training School syllabus in Victoria, TAFE level criminal justice, advanced leadership programs and more.

Almost anyone will get something from this training however it is targeted specifically at those investigators who are already in the field. From relatively newcomers who have had no real training that is role specific, to experienced investigators that haven’t had the opportunity to update for some time , this training will give you a greater contemporary awareness of your role.

Yes indeed. In fact we will sit down with you before anything else and discuss your needs and risks within your business. We will customise the training to suit your role and demographic of your workforce.

How long is a piece of string? Costs vary according to the packages available and how many trainers we bring along. We have set prices for our stand alone investigation and interviewing courses on this site. We are happy to discuss your needs and give you an indicative range with no obligation.

We have a broad base to choose from. We cover the investigation process from the first call to scene management, exhibits and notes, the judicial process, interviewing witnesses and persons of interest right through to brief preparation and ethics. We also deal with conflict management and adaptive communications for those on the front line, stress strategies, advanced leadership programs and guest speaking.

Not yet. We like the hands on approach to training so that we can actually engage with the students and adapt to their feedback. This gives us a great opportunity for coaching and assessment during practical exercises and class room interaction.

We can organise a venue and catering however most organisations seem to prefer using their own facilities. We train outdoors wherever possible.

The techniques relate to the different methods used to obtain the information from the interviewee. Most often the interview will follow a framework known as PEACE.

  • Planning and Preparation
  • Engage and Explain
  • Account
  • Conclusion
  • Evaluation

Forensic techniques are used during the Account phase and include the Free Recall Model and Conversation Management.

We have a very broad customer base within the financial/banking sector, the insurance industry, local government, statutory authorities, state and federal government departments, the racing industry and retail areas plus more. We are Australia wide and service regional areas where training is sometime difficult to access.